Friday, March 29, 2013

Medical Uniforms, Scrubs Stores And Accessories

In the not too distant past, medical uniforms and scrubs were nothing other than a white coat. White coats and scrubs are still worn by students and by those working in laboratories, but there are now various trends. In fact, some would say that medical and nursing uniforms have become quite stylish. They are used by hospitals to add splashes of color, mainly because it is understood that colors have healing properties as well. Colors are relaxing and can be very beneficial. There are various medical scrubs stores, which have made the uniforms a lot more affordable as well. This is one of the reasons why many hospitals feel comfortable with making their uniforms a bit snazzier, since it isn't a massive expense.

Who Wears Colorful Scrubs?

The majority of really colorful scrubs are worn by staff on pediatric wards. This is because children enjoy the friendly designs and it helps them to feel more comfortable. However, there are now also many hospitals that have seasonal, colorful scrubs. For instance, around Christmas, it is very common for scrubs to have Christmas designs and pictures included on them. Besides this, colors can also denote the ward on which medical professionals work. For instance, most surgeons will wear green scrubs and nurses still have a lot of white in their uniforms. Midwives often wear blue and surgical assistants are often seen in red.

Scrub Accessories

Depending on the position a medical professional holds, they will wear various other accessories as well. For instance, most nurses and midwives wear a clip on watch, which attaches to their breast pocket. Hence, their nursing uniforms will almost always include a breast pocket. Doctors often carry their stethoscopes along with them, which is why their shirts have stronger collars, so that the stethoscopes don't fall off. In terms of shoes, many doctors and nurses alike prefer to wear either clogs or crocs, because these are comfortable and allow their feet to be rested after a long day of standing up and walking. Also, clogs and crocs are easy to clean and they allow for quite walking. This is important on the wards during the night, when patients shouldn't be disturbed any more than necessary.

Medical Uniforms' Materials

The materials in a uniform are very important. This is because they have to be worn for a long time and hence have to be comfortable, but also due to hygiene levels. The materials have to be easy to clean, particularly because they are stained by bodily fluids. More often than not, medical scrubs stores create scrubs made of polyester and cotton. However, there are also some 100% cotton scrubs, which tend to be softer, or 100% polyester, which are easier to clean. Often the ward on which they are worn will determine to a great extend what the material combination should be. In a few medical facilities, scrubs are created out of rayon and spandex or other synthetic fabrics. This is often found in high end cosmetic surgery practices.

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